one san ramon

A Safe, Healthy, Inclusive, and Sustainable San Ramon

Vision: To make San Ramon the best city to live, work, and raise a family. By working towards a safer, greener, and healthier San Ramon we will improve the quality of life for all San Ramonians.


To create One San Ramon, foster a sense of community by

  • Bridging our older and newer developments

  • Supporting our schools

  • Supporting our seniors

  • Promoting youth activity

  • Promoting diversity & inclusion by investing in and uplifting all of the diverse sectors of our population

Health, Safety, & COVID-19

Through strong leadership 

  • Advocate for proactive and strategic policy that provides an optimal solution between re-opening our economy and keeping our residents safe

  • Continue to foster a strong partnership between the police, fire, first responders, and public health departments to provide the highest level of public safety

Economic Development & Fiscal Responsibility

Foster a thriving economy by

  • Promoting small to medium businesses with an emphasis on minority owned businesses

  • Explore opportunities for satellite/corporate locations for large businesses within our city

Through open governance, re-evaluate our city's budget to ensure we are growing our economy by 

  • Investing in our community

  • Increasing our revenue stream and reserves

  • Eliminating unnecessary expenditures

Traffic & Growth

To make San Ramon greener and preserve our open space

  • Explore ways to reduce our traffic congestion

  • Investigate ways to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Emphasize slowing our growth in housing development