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Why are community members supporting Dinesh?

The titles are used for identification purposes only, no organization endorsements are implied. 

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"Most important, he has mastered the details of the city’s finances, indeed better than his two opponents who currently sit on the council, Mayor Dave Hudson, who has served on the council for 25 years, and Councilwoman Sabina Zafar, who is finishing her first term on the council.

Govindarao’s executive-management experience has shaped his thoughtful approach to how the city should recruit for a city manager in a balanced and even-handed way that allows for some community input but recognizes the council is ultimately responsible for the choice."



Jennifer Tejada
Acting Senior Dean San Ramon Campus, Diablo Valley College


Arun Goel
DSRSD District 5 Director and prior Vice Mayor/Councilmember for City of Dublin

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Laura Bratt
Trustee, San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education & 8 year San Ramon resident 

"I know Dr. Dinesh through the 21-22 Leadership SRV program. He is an effective leader in our class through his positive connection with others and collaborative style when discussing issues and problem solving. Dinesh engaged with the topics studied such as creating healthy communities, education and how to improve the lives of other residents. His experience and listening skills were respected among members of the city. I endorse him for Mayor of San Ramon and know that the community will be well served by his leadership!"

"As a leader in the Tri-Valley, I am selective on issuing endorsements.  Dinesh is a highly-qualified individual with both public and private leadership experience, a physician executive who has everything necessary to serve the community’s best interest, without exterior influence.  We, as residents, need community members that serve our local needs without serving ambitions beyond our borders.  It’s an honor to wholeheartedly support Dinesh in his Mayoral run!"

"With deep roots in San Ramon, growing up and raising his family here, Dr. Dinesh understands the diversity that is the very fabric of our community. His grassroots approach and passion for an inclusive and safe city ensures Dr Dinesh will be there to support our entire community."


Sally Scholl 
City of San Ramon Open Space Committee member, AAUW Scholarship Committee member, Safe East Bay Advocacy Group member, Former SRVUSD teacher, San Ramon resident 50+ years

"I believe Dr. Dinesh has the right vision for San Ramon’s future. He will bring new blood and ideas to our city."


Harv Singh
San Ramon Farmers Market Director, Local Change-maker, Community Advocate & 38 year San Ramon resident


Jean Kuznik
City of San Ramon Planning Commissioner, Former Teacher & 27 year San Ramon resident

"Having known Dinesh since High School, we’re both Cal High graduates! I can attest to the fact he’s a quality individual. He’s a person of integrity who deeply cares about the future of San Ramon. I’m with Dinesh!"

"The next 5 years will determine how the city grows and develops. Dr. Dinesh will dive into our city's needs with focus and determination. He brings ideas and best solutions while being open to creativity in planning for our future. He is committed to San Ramon only and will put our needs first."


Minu Basu
DVHS Science Teacher & 13 year San Ramon resident 

"Dr. Dinesh is a strong candidate as a Mayor for San Ramon. He is a friendly, committed, local community member and leader with a medical background who will bring positive changes and growth for our city. I am certain that his vision and leadership as a Mayor for San Ramon will be phenomenal and he has my full support and best wishes."


Mark Belotz
Save Mt. Diablo Development Committee Board Member, Town of Danville Design Review Board Committee Member, Small Business Owner 

"We were in Leadership San Ramon Valley together and I have gotten to know Dinesh on a personal level.  I like that he is not a career politician and not trying to use this position to be in Sacramento.  He was raised in San Ramon, he raised his kids here, and his parents live here too.  He is genuine and really cares about San Ramon and he is someone who represents all the communities.  Please support Dinesh, the best mayoral candidate for San Ramon."


Rajee Subramanian
Quail Run Art Instructor, Fmr PTA President for Quail Run, Fmr PTSA President & EDFund President for GRMS, Fmr PTA President for DVHS, Site council member, Reflections Art Advocate, 23 year San Ramon resident & involved community volunteer

"I have known Dinesh for the last 12 years now! I got introduced to him as a soccer coach for my son, got the opportunity to work with him closely as a Soccer mom! I have seen him participate in all community events, which shows that he is invested in the city! Dinesh is a person who is a very approachable, kind person! His listening skills, leadership skills and inclusive nature stands out at all times! I endorse Dinesh as he is a great fit for our growing San Ramon community with varied culture!"


Ravneet Julka
Attorney, Local Mom, Community Volunteer, Cal High '95 grad & 20 year San Ramon resident

"Dinesh is one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met. I appreciate his integrity, his honesty, and his willingness to listen and learn at every opportunity. Having him as our mayor will be a great step forward for our City!"


Vince Salinas
18 year San Ramon resident 

"I've coached youth baseball for several years with Dinesh. I've spent literally hundreds of hours getting to know him. Watching him talk and relate to young people was inspiring to me. I found him to be a generous, caring individual. They say you can judge a person by their actions more than their words. For that, I can say Dr. 

Dinesh would be a great Mayor for San Ramon."


Govind Gopal
Social Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner & 12 year San Ramon resident

"I am strongly supporting Dr. Dinesh.  He has an impressive educational background and he is a local kid.  I am confident he will do an excellent job representing our community as our Mayor. His father was involved from the early stages and quite instrumental in the success of the Livermore Temple.  I like the fact Dr. Dinesh is deep rooted here and is very involved in our San Ramon community.  He will look at all the issues and take a thoughtful approach.  Please support Dr. Dinesh for Mayor."


Andy Yang
17 year San Ramon resident 

"I’m voting for Dinesh because he shares my interests and concerns as a San Ramon resident and parent, and I feel that Mayor Dinesh would provide the best leadership for the San Ramon Community."


Traci & Ron Menendez
Program Assistant for Adult Literacy & ESL services City of Pleasanton, 12 year San Ramon resident  (Traci)

"We support Dr. Dinesh for mayor of San Ramon because he is trustworthy, kind, and invested in the city. As a Cal High grad, he is a local who cares about the community and wants to foster an environment where everyone feels welcomed, included, and safe. Vote for Dr. Dinesh!"


Brian Henderson
High School Math Teacher 30+ years, Sports Coach & 18 year San Ramon resident 

"I have been a San Ramon resident for over 18 years. I am a high school math teacher of 30+ years. I have also been a volunteer coach in the San Ramon area over the last 12 years in baseball,  softball,  basketball and track & field. I have coached with Dinesh and and have seem him empower so many young people in our community through coaching.  I am confident that he will continue to be thoughtful in everything he does as mayor AND I trust him to always weigh the best interests of all San Ramon residents."


Holly Braga
Teacher in SRVUSD & 15 year San Ramon resident


Arif Khan
Technology Executive & 12 year San Ramon resident

"I am a resident of San Ramon for the last twelve years and have known Dinesh for the same number of years. He has been my son's baseball coach and a mentor. He has been a very active member of the community and has always been very collaborative when solving problems and challenges whether it's on the baseball field working with young kids or off the field with parents and community members. He has leadership skills and integrity that is recognized among all. I wholeheartedly endorse him for Mayor of San Ramon and know that he will do a great job."


Ramya Ramakrishnan
Grassroots Volunteer

"I support Dr. Dinesh Govindarao for Mayor.  He has the right energy, passion, commitment, and people skills for this position. Dinesh is the right fit for San Ramon."

"I am supporting Dr. Dinesh for Mayor because he is an involved, committed and down to earth individual who cares about his city, San Ramon deeply. He is very humble and a great listener which are essential characteristics of a good leader. San Ramon would benefit greatly from a forward thinking leader like him."


Ken Feinstein
Realtor & 12 year San Ramon resident

“Dinesh coached my child’s Little League team. He has a remarkable ability to bring people together and inspire them to do their best. I am confident  he will do the same to foster a strong sense of community and teamwork in San Ramon."


Joe Anderson
Supervisor Respiratory Therapy, John Muir Health Concord

"Like Dinesh, I’m a long time resident.  I’ve lived in Danville/San Ramon for 34 years. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to raise 5 kids in our community. It was through my youngest daughter that I met Dinesh. Dinesh was my daughter’s, who is now playing D1 softball, 1st softball coach. I firmly believe that his kindness and caring personality helped her get off to a great start in the sport. As Dinesh has, I’ve personally seen San Ramon change quite a bit.  Dinesh has a very clear view of the past, a great understanding of change leadership and has the dedication and compassion to guide us into the future."


Jeff Borovitz
President of Sandler Training, Fmr President of San Ramon Little League, San Ramon Chamber of Commerce Member & 17 year San Ramon resident

"Dinesh is the right candidate for San Ramon. Unlike others Dinesh does not want to be Mayor because it is his turn or because he has aspirations at the state or federal level. Dinesh wants to be Mayor because he wants to create a sense of community and cooperation like San Ramon had when he grew up here. He has an earnest desire to truly have us be one San Ramon. I fully endorse his candidacy for Mayor of San Ramon."


Murali Posanipally
Board of Director for San Ramon Cricket Association, Cricket Coach, Cricket player for over 40 USA cricket West Zone at the National Level & 15 year San Ramon resident

"I am endorsing Dr. Dinesh for Mayor of San Ramon.  I met him a few years ago when he was distributing door hangers during the last election.  We have continued to stay in touch and I appreciate how involved he is with youth sports and community service.  He coached many different sports for 12 years and he will be an avid supporter of cricket which is a passion of mine.  It is very important that we support Dr. Dinesh to be our next Mayor!"


Balvinder & Jeet Kumar
Director, Special Academic Programs at CSU East Bay (Balvinder), 14 year San Ramon residents

"I've known Dr. Dinesh for over a decade as an active community member helping uplift and share his vision of uniting our city. Approachable, kind and dedicated to bringing our community together--This makes Dinesh the best candidate as San Ramon's next mayor."


Shaun Collins 
San Ramon FC Recreational Soccer Director & 3 year San Ramon resident 

"Dr. Dinesh is a step forward for San Ramon. As a Cal High Grad and active member of the City he has experienced what works and understands where we can grow in our city. I am excited for the future with Dr. Dinesh as the mayor of San Ramon!"