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My name is Dr. Dinesh Govindarao and I am running for San Ramon Mayor.

I am a local kid who grew up in San Ramon, graduated from Cal High, and stayed local for college at U.C. Berkeley. I then became a physician and came back to this city to raise a family.

My parents moved to San Ramon in 1979 and I have seen how it has transformed into one of the greatest cities in California over the last 41 years. My wife and I are raising our four kids in San Ramon. Two of our girls just graduated from Dougherty Valley High School and are going off to college. We have a son at DVHS and another son at Windemere Ranch Middle School.

Without a doubt, San Ramon is one of the best cities to live, work, and raise a family. I wholeheartedly care about our community, our people, our schools, and parks. My family and I feel fortunate to live in a city where we can enjoy the majestic views of the hillsides and open space during our walks or runs on the trails throughout San Ramon. Over the years of raising our kids we have cherished the many relationships we have made in this community.

Why Vote For Dr. Dinesh?

I have had a career in medicine for over 23 years. I went into the field of medicine to make a difference in people’s lives. My run for mayor is solely based on my passion for giving back to the city of San Ramon and all its citizens as well as the demand I see for strong leadership.

I have had the opportunity to grow up in the “old part of San Ramon” and now currently live in the “new part of San Ramon”. Many of you may feel San Ramon is two different cities divided by Alcosta Blvd. I have a deep understanding of the old and the new communities of San Ramon from being raised here 41 years ago and then coming back to raise our 4 kids in San Ramon. Since 2007, I have been heavily involved in the community. I have served on the Live Oak PTA Board as the Financial Secretary and have coached our San Ramon youth in softball, baseball, basketball, and soccer for 12 years. I am also a strong supporter of the arts. I have been the Reflection Chair at Live Oak and have been an active parent volunteer with Bay Area Children’s Theater – Advanced Performers. I would like to explore avenues to bridge our communities to have a sense of feeling that we all live in “One San Ramon”.

This election cycle is unprecedented because we are facing one of the biggest challenges of a lifetime with the COVID-19 crisis. It is demanding a pioneer in proactive medical governance and leadership which has been a major driver in my decision to run.

I also have a vast amount of leadership experience involving budgeting, operations, and people management in my medical leadership roles over the last 19 years. From running a medical department that took care of approximately 10,000 employees, to overseeing over 250 onsite clinics across the country, to serving in my current role as the Chief Medical Officer of a large state agency, I have time and time again proven the ability to step into numerous industries and consistently lead transformative change.


My Platform:

As your mayor I will:

1. Bridge a greater sense of community between the old and new areas of San Ramon

2. Explore ways to navigate our city through these challenging times with COVID-19

3. Address other critical issues in San Ramon such as

  • Promoting a sense of community - “One San Ramon”-

  • Preserving open space

  • Controlled growth

  • Economic development

  • Health & safety

  • Financial responsibility

  • Reducing traffic

This election cycle is like no other we have seen in history. As a doctor running for public office, my number one priority is to keep our “One San Ramon” safe, healthy and thriving.

Please visit to learn more about my story and platform. I would be quite honored to have your support and vote in this upcoming election.