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Cal High Grad Turned Doctor Running for Mayor

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Cal High Grad Turned Doctor Running for Mayor.

Cal High Graduation, 1988

My Family in San Ramon, 2020

Early Life in San Ramon/Schooling

My parents, sister, and I moved to San Ramon from Clayton, CA in 1979 when I was in the 3rd grade. My dad is a structural engineer and my mom manages our investment real estate property and was a stay at home mom. 

I attended:

  • Neil Armstrong Elementary School

  • Montevideo Elementary School

  • Bollinger Canyon Elementary School - attended the 1st year it was built in 1980

After I completed 5th grade at Bollinger Canyon Elementary, my dad got an opportunity to be the chief engineer to construct a coal gasification plant so we moved to North Dakota for 3 years. We moved back to San Ramon in 1984.

  • I attended Cal High all four years

    • Varsity tennis at Cal High  - Elected as team captain senior year

    • Graduated in 1988

Higher Education

  • Attended U.C. Berkeley and majored in Genetics and received a Minor in Business.  Graduated in 1992

  • Pursued my dream to become a doctor - attended Drexel medical school in Philadelphia.  Graduated in 1997

  • Completed a Master’s in Public Health from UCLA.  Graduated in 1999

Seeing San Ramon Evolve

I have so many fond memories growing up in San Ramon. When we moved to San Ramon in 1979 I remember:

  • There were many cow pastures around 

  • Bishop Ranch did not exist

  • Crow Canyon movie theater was not built 

  • My parents had to drive to Dublin to get groceries

  • Shopping at  Gemco and Mervyns as a kid

  • Going to Golden Skate with my friends

  • Eating at Garcia’s Mexican restaurant at the corner of San Ramon Valley Blvd/Crow Canyon Road 

  • Participating in Primo’s Run where we would have the carbo load at the Toyota building the night before the run 

​I feel nostalgia from my childhood years in San Ramon and have always wanted to come back to San Ramon to raise a family.

Community Involvement 

In 2003, we moved back to San Ramon to raise a family due

to our great schools and community. Since my kids were

young, I have immersed myself with 

  • Coaching boys & girls youth sports for 12 years

    • San Ramon Little League 

    • SRVGAL (softball)

    • San Ramon FC (formerly San Ramon Soccer) 

    • City of San Ramon Youth Hoops 

  • PTA at Live Oak Elementary  

    • Financial Secretary 

    • Reflections chair 

  • Volunteering for my children’s 

    • Numerous field trips 

    • Many classroom activities 

    • Camp Arroyo

  • Overnight chaperone & volunteer physician for Bay Area Children’s Theater - Junior Theater Festival

I treasure these memories. We have one son at Windemere Ranch Middle School and another son at Dougherty Valley High School. Our 2 daughters just graduated from DVHS this year and they both will be heading off to college. I can’t believe how time has flown by so quickly.


My parents immigrated to this country from India in 1970/1971 and built their American dream off a foundation of their strong family values that include:

  • Living life with humility

  • Live a life full of compassion

  • Instill a strong work ethic

  • Treat every person with respect

In turn, I have always been very intentional about raising my kids with these same values. As once a local kid with big dreams, I have since then translated my passions and aspirations into concrete goals by holding true to my foundation. I am grateful to have had the privilege to watch San Ramon evolve into the city it is now. 

As a candidate running for Mayor of San Ramon, I can guarantee I will bring this same passion and foundation to leading this city that has given so much to me and my family.

Coach Dinesh


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