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building a grassroots effort to foster an inclusive, safe, and thriving San Ramon. 

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Let's Make A Difference, Together.

Dear Neighbor,


I've called San Ramon my home for over 40 years — I was a local kid who grew up in San Ramon, graduated from Cal High, and stayed local for college at U.C. Berkeley. I then became a physician and came back to this city to raise my family.

Many of you may feel San Ramon is two different cities divided by Alcosta Blvd. I'm deeply rooted in our community & have an unparalleled understanding of the old and the new communities of San Ramon. As a neighbor, coach, former PTA board member, and current member of the Library Advisory Committee & San Ramon Valley Education Foundation Board, I have gotten to know the individuals who comprise the diverse fabric of our community.


Transitioning out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to foster an environment that prioritizes the wellbeing of its residents through public safety & health, smart growth balanced with open space, economic development and an inclusive community. I don't have any intention to climb the political ladder — my passion is simple: to serve and better our great city.

Join us, and let's make a difference, together

Dr. Dinesh

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Cal High Graduation, 1988


Maya & Sejal's DVHS Graduation, 2020


Coaching San Ramon Little League, 2017

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Priorities for a Safe, Healthy, Inclusive & Sustainable San Ramon — committed to:


Public Safety & Health


Smart & Sensible Growth


Inclusive & Welcoming Community


Economic Development & Fiscal Responsibility


Open Space, Parks & Neighborhood Preservation

A Leader for our Community.

A Mayor for our City.

News & Media

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Over the past 19 years Govindarao has served in a number of leadership roles in the medical field and said he has run a medical department that took care of approximately 10,000 employees and, at one point, was assigned to a position where he oversaw 250 onsite clinics across the country. 

Currently he said he works as the Chief Medical Officer at a large state agency.


These experiences have helped give him a significant amount of experience in budgeting, operations and people management, all vital skills needed to run a city.

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What's Happening in the City Now? 


The San Ramon City Council adopted the new district map for City Council elections. This was adopted on April 12th, 2022.



Previous Districts 


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