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Cal High Grad, San Ramon Dad

building a grassroots effort to foster an inclusive, safe, and thriving San Ramon. 

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Let's Make A Difference, Together.

Dear Neighbor,


I've called San Ramon my home for over 40 years — I was a local kid who grew up in San Ramon, graduated from Cal High, and stayed local for college at U.C. Berkeley. I then became a physician and came back to this city to raise my family.

Many of you may feel San Ramon is two different cities divided by Alcosta Blvd. I'm deeply rooted in our community & have an unparalleled understanding of the old and the new communities of San Ramon. As a neighbor, coach, former PTA board member, and current member of the Library Advisory Committee & San Ramon Valley Education Foundation Board, I have gotten to know the individuals who comprise the diverse fabric of our community.


Transitioning out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to foster an environment that prioritizes the wellbeing of its residents through public safety & health, smart growth balanced with open space, economic development and an inclusive community. I don't have any intention to climb the political ladder — my passion is simple: to serve and better our great city.

Join us, and let's make a difference, together

Dr. Dinesh

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Cal High Graduation, 1988


Maya & Sejal's DVHS Graduation, 2020


Coaching San Ramon Little League, 2017

Priorities for a Safe, Healthy, Inclusive & Sustainable San Ramon — committed to:


Strengthen public safety and health to remain one of the safest cities in CA

  • Increase community-oriented policing to build bi-directional relationships with our residents 

  • Continue to recruit a diverse police force to replace outgoing/retired police officers 

  • Place emphasis on data analytics to identify trends in crimes across the city –- explore using a city-wide app to alert our residents in real time of any crimes in our neighborhoods to increase vigilance

  • Bolster city health and wellness initiatives by promoting the implementation of the bike master plan to decrease San Ramon’s carbon footprint, partner with the county to increase efficiency and use of public transportation, support recreational programs for all ages

  • Partner with local nonprofits and community based organizations to increase and destigmatize mental health awareness


Develop sustainable plans for smart and sensible growth

  • Create city growth plans and infrastructure that can be sustained in both the short and long term 

  • Build in the core of our city to preserve our open space and neighborhoods

  • Focus on transit-oriented development with pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly areas

  • Bring more retail into our shopping centers and promote the development of village centers to reduce traffic and increase accessibility of services for our residents 

  • Hold developers accountable to providing adequate affordable housing by re-examining in-lieu fees


Cultivate an inclusive and welcoming community

  • Celebrate our schools, businesses, cultural associations, sport leagues, and other parts of our community through a city-wide parade 

  • Work with realtors in the city to sponsor a “welcome package” for residents who just moved to San Ramon

  • Schedule regular informal “walk-and-talks” in all of our neighborhoods for residents to have a platform to voice their ideas and concerns 

  • Utilize various community locations for city wide events to cross-city interaction for our residents from various neighborhoods/areas of San Ramon 

  • Promote inclusivity by partnering with and giving more visibility to various organizations that represent diverse communities through event planning

  • Build more city-wide community around our high schools, especially surrounding their big events like homecoming, prom, alumni weekend and graduation


Further economic development and fiscal responsibility

  • Bolster San Ramon's economic vitality 

  • Have a team with a focus on recruiting businesses to our city to increase our sales tax base

  • Have a focused city-wide marketing effort to support our local businesses by encouraging our residents to “eat and shop” in San Ramon 

  • Encourage large employers to set up satellite offices in San Ramon 

  • Maintain a balanced budget and healthy reserves to ensure we are spending within the city’s means

  • Explore public-private partnerships 


Preserve our parks, open space, neighborhoods

  • Maintain our zoning for our parks, open space and urban boundary lines 

  • Enhance the accessibility of our parks so they include amenities for all age groups and communities 

  • Promote healthy living in our green spaces by building exercise structures and therapeutic spaces in our parks 

  • Build community through city-partnerships for workout/wellness classes in our parks 

  • Support the completion of a walking district in the core of our city

A Leader for our Community.

A Mayor for our City.

What's Happening in the City Now? 


The San Ramon City Council adopted the new district map for City Council elections. This was adopted on April 12th, 2022.



Previous Districts 


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one san ramon

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